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Leak Detection Specialists in London

Detecting and Repairing Leaks with Expertise

Are you dealing with an elusive and potentially destructive leak in your property?

Our team of Leak Detection Specialists in London is here to safeguard your home or business from the insidious effects of hidden leaks.

Water Leak Detection, Water Damage and After Leak Repair Services in London


Proactive leak, damp, mould monitoring to prevent structural damage and reduce repair costs.


Regular inspections and leak detection to protect property investments and tenant well-being.


Timely identification of leaks in rental properties to prevent damage and tenant disruption.

Pipe leak detection London

Our Leak Detection Technology

Detecting leaks can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but not when you choose us.

We employ cutting-edge technology, including high-quality cameras and advanced equipment, to locate even the most discreet leaks.

Our non-invasive approach ensures that your property remains intact while we track down the source of the issue.

Why Trust Growchance with Leak Detection Services in London?

Growchance group highly skilled employees

Highly Skilled

Our contractors are highly skilled and have extensive experience in all aspects of leak detection, from small bathroom leaks to large water damages.

Growchance group high quality materials

Quality Equipment

We prioritise the use of premium equipment and the most advanced technology available in the industry, ensures unrivalled results for our valued London clients.

Growchance group transparency


Our team will understand your vision and requirements and will keep you informed throughout leak detection process, explaining the timeline and budget so you can make informed decisions.

Growchance group cost - effective


We offer cost-effective pricing options and flexible payment plans to make your leak detection and water damaged repair both accessible and affordable.

With our specialised cameras and equipment, we can identify and fix leaks in various areas, including:

1. Bathrooms: Leaks under sinks, around toilets, and in showers or bathtubs.

2. Wet Rooms: Detection and repair of leaks in wet room areas.

3. Underfloor Pipes: Pinpointing hidden leaks beneath your flooring.

4. Waste Pipes: Identifying leaks in waste pipes to prevent property damage.

5. Leaking Taps: Quick and effective repair of leaky taps.

6. Radiators: Preventing damage by identifying and fixing radiator leaks.

Our Partnership Approach

We take pride in our collaborative approach, working seamlessly with letting agencies and landlords to address leak issues promptly. Our goal is to minimise disruption to your tenants and safeguard the structural integrity of your property.

Post-Leak Repair Services in London

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with leak detection. After identifying the issue, we provide comprehensive repair services to ensure your property returns to its optimal condition. Our experienced technicians will handle all necessary repairs promptly and professionally, leaving your property leak-free and in pristine condition.